Christmas, American, Wedding, Hymn, and Timeless Melodies!

THEMES have really helped me to focus in my arrangement world.  Now an author of close to 80 different books for string players, I especially enjoy including materials for ALL levels of players, from the novice up to the seasoned and extremely advanced.

I have written the MOST in the Christmas category — 21 different books to choose from, including duets (6 instrument combinations), two volumes of Double Stop Solos and Duets, (transcribed for Viola, with Volume I available for Cello), two volumes of String Quartets, two volumes of Classical and Contemporary Arrangements for Four Violins and one additional book for Violin Ensembles.

The second largest category is Weddings — 9 different books, including Solo Violin or Solo Viola (all Double Stops), Duets (for 2 Violins, Violin and Cello, Violin and Viola), Trios and String Quartets.

Hymn Melodies includes 8 books, including two volumes of duets, two volumes of double stop solos, a 2-hymn medley for both string orchestra and 4 Violins and a CD.

American Melodies includes two volumes of Double Stop Solos and Duets for either Violin or Viola, an intermediate-advanced medley for Four Violins and a String Orchestra medley.

Timeless Melodies I and II, includes some of the top favorites in Barbara Barber’s series, Solos for Young Violinists, all written in Duet format.  They have had a raving review from my colleagues and include Forewords by William Starr and Barbara Barber, herself!

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