Duets for ALL Suzuki books 1-10!!!

So, I woke up one morning with a random thought: “I wonder if duets could be written for Suzuki books 1-10?”  I thought, wow, that would be a LOT of work!  Nonetheless, I decided I would try writing a few and see if I liked any of them.  That was a few years ago and indeed, I liked the duets so much that I thought other teachers might, too.  I shared them with some of my close colleagues and, happily, they were as excited as me!

That is the super short, reader’s digest description of my writing and arranging journey, with the Suzuki teacher in mind.  The lengthy, more in-depth description includes LOTS of revisions and testing out with students.  Add on to that, expanding my world to include duets for Cello and Violin, Viola and Violin and, most recently, Cello and Viola — all told, 26 Suzuki-licensed books!  I just think ALL instruments sound GREAT together, if written in the most flattering ranges.  Maybe one day, the double bass…!

{The link to my Suzuki-licensed page is immediately to the right on the computer and simply scroll down if you are on your phone.]