My name is Martha Yasuda and I love playing and arranging Double Stop Solos!  I am a Suzuki violin teacher, string and orchestral arranger, and composer living in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2007, I have served as an arranger for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

I am the author of close to eighty books, with several pertaining to double stops for violin and viola.  Each book contains two volumes of difficulty and  their titles are: Christmas Melodies: Double Stop Solos and Duets for Violin and Viola and American Melodies: Double Stop Solos and Duets for Violin and Viola. More recently, Christmas Melodies, Volume I was transcribed for the cello.  Additionally, Wedding Melodies for Solo Violin and, most recently, Viola, (all double stops) came out in 2012 and 2017, respectively.

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How to Teach and Play using the Yasuda Double Stop Solos and Duets Approach
by Martha J. Yasuda


Playing double stop solos on a stringed instrument has plagued students and teachers alike for years. Not only are the fingering and bowing techniques difficult for students to grasp, but the pedagogical aspects involved in teaching double stop solos also provide a daunting challenge for teachers as well. For a nice, general introduction to this subject, please see the Wikipedia article entitled Double Stop.