Many people, over the years, have asked, “How can I get all your duets from Suzuki Books 1-8?”  Ken and I grappled with how to make this possible in the most seamless fashion.  Hence, the BUNDLED OFFER was birthed!

One quick and easy transaction for $97 makes this happen (001, 002, 003, 004, 006, 007, and 072 are the “lucky numbers” i.e. product numbers, for you to purchase.)  And you get PDF Downloads as an additional BONUS!  Yes, we are talking close to a 50% savings!  (Shipping is not included.)  

Yasuda covers are quite beautiful, the note sizes larger and clearer than most any music book ever produced, and the music is simply gorgeous!  Expand your teaching and/or gigging libraries today.  For $97, people can pick the books that interest them the most on the BUNDLED page (not limited to Suzuki products).  Don’t forget to enter the COUPON CODE UYK61PY6YX6A to get your HUGE discount!  BUNDLED OFFER

P.S. Mozart Concerti #3, #4 and #5 are also available as an Advanced Double Stop Acc. and a Simplified Trio.  They are NOT part of any BUNDLED offer.