014 BUNDLE - Harmonious Melodies For Violin/Cello, Volume II (Suzuki 5-8 shorter pieces)

014 BUNDLE - Harmonious Melodies For Violin/Cello, Volume II (Suzuki 5-8 shorter pieces)

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Harmonious Melodies For Violin And Cello, Volume II, Second Edition

Special thanks to Henry Stubbs for his beautiful playing (years ago!) in Martha's arrangement of Tambourin. Henry is a graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory, getting his Masters at CIM.

44 Pages, 20 Arrangements

Please click on Harmonious Melodies II to see a complete Song List.

This book is licensed to The Yasuda Music Company LLC by the International Suzuki Association.

This volume contains identical titles from Harmonious Melodies, Volume II For Two Violins, excluding Bach’s Largo. Duet arrangements are included from Bach Two-Part Inventions, Beethoven’s Fur Elise, Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Massenet’s Meditation and also pieces by Corelli, Fiocco and many others.

Written with the intermediate to advanced student in mind, there are 21 familiar, standard pieces arranged with the cello part moving in sync with the violin part, while adhering to harmonies found in piano accompaniments.

Christopher Rex, retired Principal Cellist with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, kindly reviewed all the arrangements in this volume. In nine of them, his musical and technical suggestions were so extensive, that he is listed as a co-arranger. Lastly, Mr. Rex was most gracious in writing a very supportive Foreword to this volume.

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