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Welcome! Martha is excited to share her first group of Trios transcribed from the Suzuki-licensed book, Harmonious Melodies, volume 1!  There are 30 titles, with 24 from Suzuki books 1B-3, including 6 non-Suzuki pieces. It is suggested that you use Suzuki books for melody lines as copyright requires that those lines be at a small font, with grayscale.

Four different Versatile Arrangement Trio instrumentations are available:

1. Three Violins 2. Two Violins/Viola  

3. Two Violins/Cello and 4. Violin, Viola and Cello

HUGE BONUS: String players will be able to enjoy Simplified Duets as well as Trios, all within each book! 

The Ultimate Set (product 132) contains five booklets/downloads to let you play ALL FOUR Trios above.

If you prefer to buy separate Trio Sets, those products are 128-131. This is a good choice for those that do not own any Harmonious Melody books with Violin as the melody. 

Also, individual parts are found in products 132A-E.  Especially a good money saver for those that already own Harmonious Melody I books with Violin as the melody. Just purchase parts 2 (violin or viola) and 3 (violin, viola or cello) to start playing your Duos/Trios!