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Contents are available for each book in the descriptions. Due to copyright restrictions, pieces are not permitted to be in the same order as the Suzuki books. Instead, composer names are alphabetized. Also, melody lines are required by the ISA to be at a reduced font size, in grayscale. So, just have your Suzuki books available to read the melody lines. Several non-Suzuki pieces are also included in each book. I hope you will enjoy the expanded variety of musical selections which have been carefully chosen. Happy DUETTING!

All pieces in Suzuki Violin Books 1-8 can be found spread out in 9 volumes (001, 002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 078, 079 and 080).  Double stop lovers might enjoy 105 and 118.

Many of the top favorite pieces in Barbara Barber's Solos for Young Violinists, Volumes I-V are found in 078-080 (Two Violins), 099-100 (Violin-Viola) and 123-124 (Violin-Cello).

Violin-Viola (015-021, 081, 088, 103 and 117) and Violin-Cello (009-014, 115-116, 119-122) duets have everything the Violin duets have, minus the Handel Sonatas. 

Viola-Cello duets (022-026) do not go beyond Book 3. However, the Folk Song Collection (023-024) has advanced accompaniments for both instruments.

Two Celli duets (115-116) select pieces that are commonly enjoyed by cellists.  Some of the violin pieces are transcribed for cellists and should be fun!

*Mozart concerti (Suzuki Books 9-10) are found under the category entitled Mozart.

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