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007 - Sonata Melodies For Two Violins (6 Handel Sonatas)

007 - Sonata Melodies For Two Violins (6 Handel Sonatas)

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Sonata Melodies For Two Violins, Second Edition - PDF

Special thanks to my awesome colleague and friend, Kirsten Weingartner Weiss, for this video of the 1st mvmt. of the Handel F Major Sonata.

56 Pages, 6 Sonatas

Please click on Sonata Melodies to see a complete Song List.

This book is licensed to The Yasuda Music Company LLC by the International Suzuki Association.  Melody lines from Suzuki pieces are at a smaller font with grayscale, which fulfills copyright requirements.

The six Sonatas by George Frederick Handel are some of the most famous and popular pieces in the standardized repertoire for the violin. Try helping your students learn these beloved sonatas by playing alongside them a harmonically accurate and expertly crafted 2nd violin part! Equally great for two professionals needing more music for playing jobs. This book is used by Suzuki teacher-trainers in their pedagogy classes!

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