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020 - Harmonious Melodies For Violin (Melody) and Viola (Harmony), Volume I (Suzuki 1B, 2 & 3)

020 - Harmonious Melodies For Violin (Melody) and Viola (Harmony), Volume I (Suzuki 1B, 2 & 3)

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Harmonious Melodies For Violin And Viola, Volume I

These two cute "witches" (Kara, violin and Kaela, viola) sure do make Martha's arrangement of Witches Dance "come to life!" Their mom, Jennifer Sova, did an amazing job coaching them! I love the costumes, dancing and the spooky venue - plus, they play very well, too!

46 Pages, 28 Arrangements

Scroll to the bottom for a complete song list.

This book is licensed to The Yasuda Music Company LLC by the International Suzuki Association and includes pieces from Suzuki books 1B (starting with Bach Minuets) through book 3.  Melody lines from Suzuki pieces are at a smaller font with grayscale, which fulfills copyright requirements.

Also included are six non-Suzuki pieces, bringing the grand total to 30 familiar, standard pieces! You will find Bach Minuets, Gavottes and Bourrees as well as pieces by Beethoven, Brahms and Schumann etc.

The viola parts are busier than most, while adhering to harmonies found in piano accompaniments.

This is an awesome resource for the violist that has violin students -- now you can play duos with your violin students on your viola! Also great for viola/violin siblings and friends that desire to play fun, familiar pieces at ANY level of difficulty.

Volume I is alphabetized according to composer names and can be used by teachers to help prepare students before they rehearse with a pianist or can actually be performed without a pianist.

Check out the other Harmonious Melody books: Harmonious Melodies, Volume One for: (1) Two Violins/Violas (2) Two Violas (3) Viola and Violin and (4) Two Celli.

Contents: Bach: [Bourree, Gavotte in D Major, Gavotte in G Minor, Marche, Minuets #1-#3, Musette] Becker: Gavotte Beethoven: [Minuet in G, Minuet (from "Septet"] Brahms: Waltz Boccherini: Minuet Clementi: Sonatina Dvorak: Humoresque Gossec: Gavotte Handel: [Bourree, Chorus] Lully: Gavotte Paganini: Witches Dance Schumann: [Melody, The Happy Farmer, The Two Grenadiers] Weber: Hunter's Chorus Smith: Dorothy (Old English Dance) Thomas: Gavotte from "Mignon."

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