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021 - Harmonious Melodies II for Violin and Viola (Suzuki 5-8 short pieces)

021 - Harmonious Melodies II for Violin and Viola (Suzuki 5-8 short pieces)

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Harmonious Melodies II For Violin and Viola, Second Edition

61 Pages, 25 Arrangements

Scroll to the bottom for a complete song list.

Intermediate Violists and Violinists will enjoy playing the duets in this jam-packed volume of classical favorites! This is a transcription of the same title for Two Violins and Violin/Cello, with three additional pieces included (finally, the Viola RULES and does not have to endure any more jokes!)

Many of the pieces included are the shorter selections from Suzuki books 5-8, (the Fiocco Allegro, Country Dance, the Veracini Gigue etc.) as well as the Meditation from "Thais," several Bach Two-Part Inventions, Fur Elise etc. Definitely a groundbreaking book to enjoy!

Volume II is alphabetized according to composer names and can be used by teachers to help prepare students before they rehearse with a pianist or can actually be performed without a pianist.

Contents: Bach: [Preludio (Allegro), Courante, Gavotte (unaccompanied), Gigue, Largo, Two-Part Invention #1, #8 and #13, Prelude #1 and #2] Beethoven: Fur Elise von Dittersdorf: German Dance Corelli: Allegro, Courante, La Folia Fiocco: Allegro Veracini: Gigue Gretry: Tambourin Massenet: Meditation from "Thais" Mozart: Eine Kleine, Minuet Rameau: Gavotte von Weber: Country Dance, Hunter's Chorus (Advanced) Burgmuller: Ballade.

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