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062 - W. A. MOZART: CONCERTO #4, K. 218

062 - W. A. MOZART: CONCERTO #4, K. 218

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Mozart: Concerto #4 (Double Stop Acc. and Simplified Trio)

65 Pages, 3 movements

This beloved Mozart violin concerto is arranged for two players or three. The double stop accompaniment (the arrangement for two players) is for very advanced players that have an extremely solid technical grasp of playing advanced double stops. A simplified trio is formed by breaking apart the two notes from the double stop, which would be an ideal ensemble opportunity for three teenagers or even professionals to enjoy together.

You will be getting four bound parts -- a reduced score, the advanced double stop accompaniment / tutti parts for the soloist to play and violin parts 2 and 3 which are the double stop notes broken apart.
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