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066 - Classic Hymns and Worship From The Heart CD

066 - Classic Hymns and Worship From The Heart CD

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Classic Hymns And Worship From The Heart is a collection of traditional hymns arranged by Martha Yasuda for two violins, solo violin and also violin and piano. As explained in the CD jacket note, this CD is made up of two interwoven parts: Classic Hymns and Worship from the Heart.

Classic Hymns consists of thirteen well-known hymns with verses one and three arranged for two violins (played by Patrick Walker [melody] and Martha Yasuda [harmony - double stop accompaniment]). Verse two is arranged for solo violin (played by Martha Yasuda [double stop solo]).

Worship from the Heart consists of 4 hymns for violin and piano. After initial playing of the Yasuda-arranged hymn, inspired improvisational worship follows, with a return to the hymn ending each selection.

CD Hymn List:

1. Crown Him with Many Crowns

2. I Surrender All

3. Nothing but the Blood

4. Blessed Assurance*

5. Great is Thy Faithfulness

6. A Mighty Fortress

7. The Solid Rock

8. It is Well with My Soul

9. Amazing Grace*

10. To God Be the Glory

11. Blessed Assurance

12. All Hail the Power

13. Great is Thy Faithfulness*

14. There’s Pow’r in the Blood

15. Onward Christian Soldiers

16. Amazing Grace

17. Nothing but the Blood*

18. It is Well with My Soul*

*Hymns followed by Inspired Improvisational Worship

Crown Him with Many Crowns, Martha Yasuda and Patrick Walker »

Blessed Assurance*, Martha Yasuda and Michael Crow »

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