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069 - Hymn Melodies For Four Violins #1

069 - Hymn Melodies For Four Violins #1

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Hymn Melodies For Four Violins

2 Hymns (2 verses for each), 14 Total Pages

Hymn Melodies For Four Violins contain two arrangements of A Mighty Fortress (D) and Onward Christian Soldiers (D), which are two of the most famous and well-known hymns of the past century. You will enjoy the contrast between verse one's plain and simple textures compared with the energetic and ornamental verse two!  There is also a digital, optional piano part which is emailed upon purchase.

Each of the four violin parts is equally challenging, so that every player will have something interesting to learn. Counting and shifting challenges abound. These are great for students to share at church services or to just play for fun in your living room!

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