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117 - Harmonious Melodies Volume II for Two Violas

117 - Harmonious Melodies Volume II for Two Violas

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Harmonious Melodies Volume II for Two Violas 

65 total pages, 26 pieces.

Scroll to the bottom for a complete song list.

This book is licensed to The Yasuda Music Company LLC by the International Suzuki Association and includes pieces from Suzuki books 5-7.  Melody lines from Suzuki pieces are at a smaller font with grayscale, which fulfills copyright requirements.

Also included are six non-Suzuki pieces, bringing the grand total to 30 familiar, standard pieces! You will find Bach Minuets, Gavottes and Bourrees as well as pieces by Beethoven, Brahms and Schumann etc.

The desire for violas duets at this level has been tangibly expressed by many over the past few years.  Harmonious Melodies Volume II for Two Violas includes a mixture of works expressly written for the viola found in Suzuki books 5-7, violin transcriptions and also a few miscellaneous titles from the standard literature. 

The "pure" violists that had reading sessions with Martha were surprised at how the viola captured such richness and beauty of pieces typically played on the violin, especially the "Meditation from 'Thais'.  Truly, this book has been a delightful experiment that will hopefully be enjoyed by the viola community for years to come!  

Contents: Bach: Suite in G Major - Prelude, Courante, Gavotte (unaccompanied), Gigue, Two-Part Invention #1, #8 and #13, Prelude #1 and #2] Pergolesi: Nina Beethoven: Fur Elise von Dittersdorf: German Dance Corelli:  Allegro, Courante, La Folia Fiocco: Allegro Veracini: Gigue Gretry: Tambourin Massenet: Meditation from "Thais" Mozart: Eine Kleine, Minuet Rameau: Gavotte  von Weber: Country Dance, Hunter's Chorus (Advanced) Bohm: Moto Perpetuo Burgmuller: Ballade.



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